Our vision

Bettear was founded in 2019, with the purpose of closing the gap between existing and required accessibility in cultural events. “The more we researched the issue, the clearer it became that this gap is larger than we imagined. Teaching institutions, service providers, public transportation, theaters, and museums are only a few examples of various daily situations that are inaccessible to many populations because the accessibility solutions are lacking.” – Itamar Gabbay, Bettear CEO.

Bettear has set itself the goal of raising the standards in the world of audio accessibility and enabling accessibility in scenarios that have so far seemed like a distant dream – all without signaling out the end-users.

To this end, Bettear is developing an advanced, expansive platform to make audio content accessible. The Bettear application effortlessly connects end users to a large set of solutions offered by this platform, and facilitates audio streaming from a variety of sources, directly to the users’ smartphones where they are transmitted to their listening aids – with no background noise and interruptions.

In coffee shops, museums, movie theaters, universities, and other locations, the Bettear application provides its users a high-quality, personally customized listening experience.

Bettear’s R&D department researches and develops new tools and approaches in the field of assistive listening to make significant, previously unattainable improvements in a wide range of applications – televisions, smartphones, online accessibility toolbars, various media players, and more.
Bettear puts the focus on the individual and, with advanced technological approaches, paves the way to a new generation of assistive listening technology.

The Team

The Bettear team is the beating heart of the company. Our team is comprised of talented and creative individuals, among which are managers, researchers, developers, and audiologists who work closely together to achieve the dream of a more accessible world.

Avi Mann


Yami Thor

Chief Technology Officer – Founder

Itamar Gabbay

Chief Executive Officer – Founder


Inbar Rigler



Ran Cohen

Software developer


Dr. Nir Fink

Head scientist


Noi Geler

Graphic Designer

In The Press


Bettear: one start-up’s journey to bridging a technological gap in pursuit of auditory accessibility

Imagine your disappointment if you have been looking forward to seeing your favourite grunge band play live at the Dog and Duck for weeks. Your family is bored of you constantly playing their greatest hits. But when you turn up on the night, you cannot hear what they are singing. This is

עתיד נגישות השמיעה: רשת להנגשה קולית בזמן אמת ובהתאמה אישית

חברת bettear מסירה את מגבלות הנגישות ופועלת לגישור על הפער הקיים ביכולתם של כבדי השמיעה להתמודד עם סיטואציות קוליות שונות ומורכבות ומאפשרת האזנה למגוון תכנים קוליים בזמן אמת ובהתאמה אישית // דניאל דותן

מסירים את המגבלות Bettear מנגישים קולות ב- Live לכבדי שמיעה

Bettear סטארט-אפ ישראלי שחותר לשיפור איכות חייהם של מיליוני כבדי שמיעה בעולם, חקר ופיתח פתרונות וכלים להנגשת תכנים קוליים ב- Live ועכשיו מאפשר גם להם ליהנות מתכנים קוליים בחיי היומיום ובאירועי פנאי ובידור, באמצעות חיבור לסמארטפון האישי

Sound profiles

Switching audio customization states

Quick sound calibration

Full sound calibration (audio filtering)

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