“A new generation of assistive listening technology”
Different people require different hearing adaptations – people with hearing loss, ADHD, cognitive decline, and other impairments are only part of a large group of people who are forced to settle for a lower quality of life and pass on experiences every day – not because they can’t hear, but because the sounds they experience were designed, engineered and designated for people with different needs than them.
Bettear puts the focus on the individual and, with the leadership of Dr. Nir Fink and advanced technological approaches, paves the way to a new generation of assistive listening technology.
Bettear’s R&D department’s products will be implemented in a variety of applications and will greatly improve audio accessibility capabilities.

Dr. Nir Fink – CSO

A leading authority in the field of acoustics and noise exposure. Former head of acoustics in the IDF Medical Corps (lieutenant colonel). Ph.D. in biomedical engineering.


We invite you to take part in the effort to improve auditory experiences and participate in research we are conducting by filling out a questionnaire. The questionnaire is directed towards anyone, not necessarily those with a hearing impairment.

Sound profiles

Switching audio customization states

Quick sound calibration

Full sound calibration (audio filtering)

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